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Got too much stuff? You’re not alone. Stuffola is dedicated to all the people waylaid by household clutter. Join journalist Deborah Branscum as she traces the American journey from impoverished colony to pack-rat nation and digs into science, history and commerce to explore
• the stubborn roots of our lust for stuff
• the rise of domestic clutter
• everyday people and their struggles with stuff.

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About Deborah Branscum

In 2002, Deborah Branscum and her family moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Stockholm, Sweden. The family shed most of its belongings just before the move, a painful process that sparked her interest in possessions, clutter and organization.

The writer, a third-generation pack rat, has been a contributing editor to Newsweek, a columnist for Fortune.com and has contributed to the New York Times, Fortune Small Business and a variety of other publications. She has also held editorial positions at several magazines, including Mother Jones, InfoWorld and Macworld, for which she wrote the award-winning “Conspicuous Consumer” column.

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